We are dedicated for:


  • Damage survey

    To reveal cause and extend of damage, assessment of wear and tear factors. Selection and instructing of special laboratories in order to carry out specific tests and expertise

  • Ship Condition survey
  • Tow voyage Approvals and voyage recommendations

    Unconditional Survey Certificate is provided.

  • Sale-purchase Survey
  • "Off-On Hire" survey
  • Shipyard risk assessment survey JH 143

Surveys can be ordered on the spot or on a regular basis and carried out by Ristna or through duly selected and recommended subcontractors under Ristna supervision. We then check the reports and the charges. As a further service, payment of the surveyors can be made through Ristna.


If you consider to outsource part of your claims’ and/or insurance administration we are prepared to provide our service and expertise in:

Claims management

Emergency Response Service

Consulting on emergency actions required at the very first hours of a major casualty: grounding, collision, fire, loss of power. Negotiations with Salvors and local Authorities.

Comprehensive advise to Principals for swift assessment of the situation in order to take appropriate actions.

Adjuster’s advise

Assistance to attribute losses either to particular average or general average. To prepare Loss Adjustment, presentation to Insurer.

In case of need GA Adjuster can be recommended to provide appropriate service.


Insurance management

Advising on insurance conditions

Tailor made insurance conditions both H&M and P&I can be advised based on the type of the vessel and her trade.

Insurance cover negotiations

On behalf of the Principals to approach insurance market to negotiate the terms of insurance contract. Placement of insurance with approved Insurer on the basis of agreed terms and conditions.

Insurance claims

Complete service including any type of damage survey, collecting of evidences, submission of claim to Insurer and further negotiations including settlement of claim or is provided.

Legal support

Selection of reliable law firm to protect client’s interest in the course of out of court negotiations or in the court/tribunal as the case may be.


Your P&I correspondent in the Baltic States

The correspondent acts as the P&I Insurer’s local representative and his principal function is to deal with the various problems which can confront the insured/shipowner when his ship is within the jurisdiction in which the correspondent is located. Whilst the role of the correspondent is not that of an agent he is expected to stand in the shoes of the P&I Insurer insofar as the ship’s master and the insured is concerned. The correspondent will handle claims and solve problems, whether or not they will give rise to a claim covered under the P&I insurance. In order to handle such matters he may need to enlist the assistance of local experts such as surveyors, lawyers and other professionals.

Additionally, the P&I Insurer will expect the correspondent to be the “eyes and ears” of the Insurer and to provide relevant information regarding any changes to local laws or statutory requirements and to advise on any claims trends of which the correspondent becomes aware.

The role of P & I correspondents has essentially remained the same ever since they were first appointed. However, it is certainly the case that with today’s advances in technology and communications they will be expected to provide an efficient and speedy service. At the same time they must minimize the cost of dealing with claims on behalf of the Insurer.